New Heights Christian Academy - Educating students to be all God called them to be!

Expected School-Wide Learning Results (ESLRs)

New Heights Christian Academy Students are . . . 

Committed Christians who: 
1.    Have been led to the prospect of accepting Jesus Christ personally, and have an understanding of the Biblical meaning of salvation and grace. 
 2.    Know how to use the Bible as a guidebook for life. 
 3.    Express and defend the Christian faith through evangelism. 

Effective Communicators who:
1.    Communicate clearly through speaking, writing, and technology. 
2.    Collaborate with their peers. 
3.    Apply the principals of Matthew 18 when resolving conflict.

Critical Thinkers who:    
1.   Think Biblically and are able to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information. 
2.    Utilize problem solving skills in and out of the classroom situation. 3.    Demonstrate higher level of thinking skills when faced with challenging circumstances.  

Leaders who: 
1.    Model responsible citizenship with integrity, compassion, and Christian ethics. 
2.    Are global thinkers and understand the relationship of themselves with the rest of the world. 
3.    Inspire the community through their interactions and commitment to positive change.   

Students who: 
1.    Demonstrate mastery of subjects at each appropriate grade level with an efficiency rate of 75% and above. 
2.    Understand academic objectives and strive to complete benchmarks for each grade level. 
3.    Set short and long term goals.   

21st Century Learners who: 
1.    Use technology effectively to access and discern information from the internet. 
2.    Apply ethics and Biblical standards of conduct when accessing information from the web. 
3.    Explore and create using technology as a resource.
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