New Heights Christian Academy - Educating students to be all God called them to be!
To partner with parents by providing a outstanding education enabling your child to reach the potential God intended. 
OUR STAFF . . .Is determined to help each student experience school success. 
OUR PROGRAM . . . Inspiring and challenging – spiritually, academically, emotionally, socially, and physically. 
OUR GOAL . . .Is to produce Christian leaders who are equipped to make a dynamic impact on their world!    
Forward to Parents: This handbook will be a valuable source of material throughout the year. If parents and students will review the following pages carefully, they will discover answers to many of the questions about school activities, regulations, and philosophy of Christian education.   Let us all work together to make this an enjoyable year and one that will be full of pleasant memories for the student. They can enter into the many activities and programs that are offered, and thus make the school experience richer and more profitable by building school spirit and grow in the community of Christian role models and fellow believers in Christ! 
If you would like any information that is not included in this handbook, or have any questions about what is, please call (559)292-7625.  
Forward to Students: The student handbook was prepared with the hope of presenting to you, the student, some meaningful and informative material about your school. We believe it will help you to become better acquainted with the services New Heights Christian Academy offers and the expectations we hold for all of our students.   Remember that New Heights Christian Academy is your school and the traditions and memories will be built by your commitment to your education.

Table of Contents

About the School:  
School History        Accreditation        Sponsorship and Church Affiliation        Vision Statement        Mission Statement        Objectives        Statement of Faith and Practice        Statement of Purpose        Expected School-Wide Learning Education        Philosophy of Christian Education 
Admission Policy          
Admission Policy and Statement of Non-Discrimination        Application Procedure        Student Admission Standards        Enrollment Procedures        Re-enrollment Procedures        Withdrawals and Dismissals  
Financial Policy:
Financial Policy        Student Fees and Tuition        Account payment Plans       
Absences        Excused Absences        Anticipated Absences        Unexcused Absences        Accumulated Absences        Participation in Extracurricular Activities        Make-up Work        Pre-Excused Absences        Early Dismissal and
Sign-Out        Appeals Process        Tardiness  
Excellence        Curriculum        Homework        Late Work        Grading        Progress Reports        Report Cards        Academic Probation        Promotion or Retention        Skipping a Grade        Classes        Proficiency Standards        Achievement Test       
Policy for Release of Student Records        Honor Roll        Release of Transcripts 
Standards of Christian Conduct        Conflict Resolution        Illegal Substances        Prohibited Items        School Property        Food and Drink        Electronic Devices        Toys / Non-Instructional Items        Computer Acceptable Use        Closed Campus        Truancy                     Summary of Standards                         Classroom Rules       
Student Sexual Harassment  
General Guidelines        Administrative Discipline        Behavioral Probation       
Biblical Response to Questionable Situations        
Dress Code:         
Tops        Bottoms        Belts        Shoes        Hair        Hats        Jewelry        Make-up        Facial Hair        Layering        Field Trip Dress Code        Infractions  
Student Services:      
The School Office        Before and After School Care  
Campus Life:  
Chapel        Daily Flag Salutes        Parent Forum        Parent Club        Field Trips        Volunteers in the Classroom        Ways to Get Involved        Student Directory 
Health and Safety Policies:          
Medical Note        Ill Children        Medication        Emergency Drills        Emergency Procedures           Emergency School Closure        Drop-off and Pick-up Area       
General Policies:      
Hours       Student addresses and Information             Parent / Teacher Conferences        Orientation and Back to School                   Bicycles                    Visitors on Campus        Messages During the School Day        Fundraisers        Hall Passes        Textbooks        Telephone Use        Lost and Found        Birthday Celebrations        Healthy Snacks        Promotional Release                          Valuables                    Disclosure                              Student / Parent Agreement Clause                     
About the School  
School History
When Clovis Christian School closed in 2010, a group of teachers and parents reorganized the structure of the school under the direction of Mrs. Jacquelyn Collins.  The school was relocated to The Rock Church under the spiritual guidance of Pastor Rick Garcia and The Rock Church Board.  The new school opened in August of 2010 as Clovis Christian School at The Rock.  The desire of the administration, staff, and parents was to continue the high quality of academic education while maintaining an integrated Biblical approach to learning.  It was a unanimous decision to continue using Christian school curriculum, Bible class, and chapel.  The administration and the teaching staff committed to continue correlating the objectives found in the Christian school curriculum with the California state standards to assure our school maintained the high academic standard that both teachers and parents desired.   At the end of our first year, it was decided to change our name to New Heights Christian Academy.  This name change distinguishes New Heights Christian Academy as a new school.  While New Heights Christian Academy continues to serve students in the Clovis and Fresno area and remains in the Clovis school district, it is no longer located in Clovis.  The new name eases the confusion concerning our location.    
The school was accredited in July of 2005 followed by a renewal the fall of 2009. The renewal term was for six years.  When the school reorganized and relocated, WASC was contacted and advised of the changes.  Because the basic program (curriculum) remained the same, the administration and teachers were a part of the accreditation process, and many of the families remained constant, WASC allowed the accreditation to follow us to the new site.  A mid-term visit will address the changes, including the name change.  WASC is committed to helping through this transitional period to maintain our accreditation status. Clovis Christian School at The Rock renewed its affiliation with the Association of Christian Schools International(ACSI) in August 2010 and  officially changed its name to New Heights Christian Academy In August 2011.   ACSI is the largest association of Christian schools and colleges in the world, with a combined enrollment of 500,000 students.   
School Sponsorship and Church Affiliation 
New Heights Christian Academy (formerly Clovis Christian School at The Rock) is an independent Christian school operating under the spiritual covering and a ministry of The Rock Church.  The financial operation of the school is separated from the church’s financial operation.  However, all financial reports are submitted to the church board for review and accountability. 
Vision Statement 
New Heights Christian Academy expects that students will exhibit the qualities of leadership, enthusiasm, commitment, responsibility, initiative, and compassion.  Students are trained to follow the model set by our Lord Jesus Christ.  Teachers, staff, and students are expected to exhibit Christ-like and godly behavior at all times.  New Heights Christian Academy maintains the highest academic standards and is committed to helping each student reach his/her full academic, spiritual, physical, and social potential.  
Mission Statement 
Our Mission Is to assist parents by providing an outstanding education, enabling students to reach the potential that God intended. 
Our Staff is determined to help each student experience school success.  
Our Goal is to produce Christian leaders who are equipped to make a dynamic                                    impact on their world!  
1.    To assist each student in discovering and developing his/her God-given talents
    and abilities in creativity, evaluation, planning, forecasting, communications, and
 2.   To promote self-discipline by training students to be consistent, appreciative,
    responsible, and thorough. 
 3.   To assist each student in seeking his/her purpose for life’s service and necessary
       preparation for eternity through emphasis on the Bible.
 4.    To provide maximum opportunities to meet individual differences of students. 
 5.    To help each student learn how to live so as to honor the Lord by meeting the  
     daily responsibilities with which God has entrusted him/her.
 6.    To build family unity and loyalty centered on the Person of Jesus Christ according
     to Deuteronomy 6:7-8:  “You shall teach them diligently to your children, and shall
     talk of them when you sit in your house, and when you walk by the way, and when
     you lie down, and when you rise.  You shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and
     they shall be as frontlets between your eyes.”  
Statement of Faith and Practice 
 We believe in . . . 
 1.    The inspiration of the Bible, equally in all parts and without error in its origin. 
 2.    The one God, eternally existent Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who created as a direct immediate act. 
 3.    The pre-existence, incarnation, virgin birth, sinless life, miracles, substitutionary
death, bodily resurrection, ascension to heaven, and the second coming of our Lord Jesus Christ.
 4.    The fall of man, the need of regeneration by the operation of the Holy Spirit on the basis of grace alone, and the resurrection of all to life or damnation. 
 5.    The spiritual relationship of all believers in the Lord Jesus Christ, living a life of
righteous works, kept by the Holy Spirit, separated from the world, witnessing of His saving grace through the ministry of the Holy Spirit. 
 6.    Since God created mankind into genders, distinctly male and female, we believe that only legitimate marriage is that between one man and one woman.  He has commanded that no intimate sexual activity be engaged in outside of marriage.  We believe that any form of homosexuality, lesbianism, bisexuality, bestiality, incest, fornication, adultery, and pornography are sinful perversions of God’s gift of sex.  We believe that God rejects any attempt to alter one’s gender by surgery or appearance.
 7.    The separation of all believers from any association with the World Council or National Council of Churches. 
Statement of Purpose 
The purpose of New Heights Christian Academy is to obey the Scriptural imperatives of Deuteronomy 6:5-7: “And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thine heart and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.  And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart; and thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children.”and Proverbs 22:6: “Train up a child in the way he should go and, when he is old, he will not depart from it.” 

New Heights Christian Academy is committed to the teaching of high academic skills, love of God, obedience to authority, Christ-like conduct, and a focus on eternity.  We seek to train Christian youth of every ability in the highest principles of Christian Leadership responsibility, integrity, and good citizenship.  New Heights Christian Academy stands without apology for the highest standards of morality and Christian behavior.  
Expected Student Outcomes 
New Heights Christian Academy offers an academic program that exceeds the education required by state law for college entrance.  A student at New Heights Christian Academy can expect to graduate prepared academically, physically, socially, and spiritually to further his/her education.  We offer a program which is strong in all aspects of the student’s education, as well as a high level of involvement in sports, music, visual, and performing arts.   
NHCA: Expected School-Wide Learning Results  (ESLRs)
Committed Christians who: 
 1.    Have been led to the prospect of accepting Jesus Christ personally, and have an
       understanding of the Biblical meaning of salvation and grace.
 2.    Know how to use the Bible as a guidebook for life. 
 3.    Express and defend the Christian faith through evangelism. 
Effective Communicators who: 
 1.    Communicate clearly through speaking, writing, and technology.
 2.    Collaborate with their peers. 
 3.    Apply the principals of Matthew 18 when resolving conflict. 
Critical Thinkers who: 
 1.    Think Biblically and are able to analyze, synthesize, and evaluate information. 
 2.    Utilize problem solving skills in and out of the classroom situation. 
 3.    Demonstrate higher level of thinking skills when faced with challenging circumstances.
Leaders who: 
 1.    Model responsible citizenship with integrity, compassion, and Christian ethics.
 2.    Are global thinkers and understand the relationship of themselves with the rest of the world. 
 3.    Inspire the community through their interactions and commitment to positive change.
Students who: 
 1.   Demonstrate mastery of subjects at each appropriate grade level with an efficiency rate of 75% and above. 
 2.    Understand academic objectives and strive to complete benchmarks for each grade level. 
 3.    Set short and long term goals.
21Century Learners who: 
 1.    Use technology effectively to access and discern information from the internet. 
 2.    Apply ethics and Biblical standards of conduct when accessing information from the web. 
 3.    Explore and create using technology as a resource. 
Philosophy of Christian Education 
The philosophy of education at New Heights Christian Academy is that each child is gifted by God with unique abilities and talents.  At New Heights Christian Academy we strive to assist each student in discovering and maximizing these gifts to reach his/her full potential as well-rounded human beings academically, spiritually, and physically.  We believe each student is capable of learning, developing, and growing.  New Heights Christian Academy is committed to supporting each student during his/her academic endeavors. To that end, New Heights Christian Academy provides an academically challenging and college-preparatory curriculum.  In addition to these courses Spanish, music, drama, art, and sports are also offered.We believe there are three essential components for the successful education of the child. These three components are listed in order of responsibility to God for the training of godly men and women. 
1. Parents – The God-given primary responsibility for the training and education of children is that of the parents. The success of a student at NHCA will be directly correlated with his parents’ faith in Christ as personal Savior and their commitment to honoring God’s Word in separating from the sinful practices and lifestyles of the unsaved world. 
2. Church – Next in importance is the ministry of the local church in the life of the family.  We strongly encourage every family to be committed, through attendance and
 participation, to a “Biblical” church. A “Biblical” church is a church that adheres to the
 fundamentals of the Christian faith and endeavors to keep itself pure from worldly
 practices and ecumenical movements (toleration of unbiblical teaching and practice).
3. School – Finally, and in proper order, is the school that the parents have chosen to help them with the education of their children. The school will never be able to stand in place of the parents or church. However, in proper order these three components play a
stabilizing and strengthening role in the education and development of a child.  When
these three are in agreement in philosophy, standards, and convictions, the outcome will be the development of men and women who are firmly grounded in Truth and able to function faithfully in the world around them. When there is inconsistency and
disagreement in these three, there is a propensity toward disrespect for one of these
authorities and may result in rebellion to authority in the life of the child.  New Heights
Christian Academy is a ministry of The Rock Church and is the extension of the Christian home. We believe there is a Biblical perspective for every academic discipline. We believe that true knowledge can be gained only as each discipline is taught and learned from the perspective of the principles of God’s Word.   
Admission Policy 
New Heights Christian Academy is a ministry of The Rock Church, an independent, Bible-believing church. Because the church practices separation from worldliness and ecumenism, New Heights Christian Academy does not have an open enrollment policy. Each student entering New Heights Christian Academy must be approved by our Administration. As a ministry of The Rock Church, we set standards that are consistent for the families within the ministry. We wish to offer a place of refuge and security from the philosophies and deeds of the world. We consider it a sacred trust that we hold for these families. We extend invitation to those outside our church only as long as they are willing to maintain these standards in word and action.New Heights Christian Academy is open to anyone interested in securing a Christian education, from kindergarten through eighth grade, whom the school finds qualified for admission and who agrees (and whose parents agree) that he or she shall abide by New Heights Christian Academy’s rules.  It must always be understood that attendance at New Heights Christian Academy is a privilege and not a right.  This privilege will be forfeited by any student who does not conform to the school’s standards of conduct and/or who is unwilling to adjust to our environment.  All students must be convinced they want to attend New Heights Christian Academy and agree honestly and wholeheartedly to apply themselves to “study to show (themselves) approved unto God” (2 Timothy 2:15, KJV).  They also agree to be courteous and respectful to their peers, staff, faculty, and other daily associates.      
Admission Policy and Statement of Non-Discrimination 
1.    New Heights Christian Academy admits students of any race, color, national, or ethnic origin to all the rights, privileges, programs and activities generally accorded or made available to students at the school.  No student will be denied admission solely on the basis of sex, race, or denominational belief. 
2.    New Heights Christian Academy recognizes that it cannot meet the educational needs of all children.  It is a school offering a high quality of Christian training, but it is not designed to be a correctional institution for problems arising beyond those usually
encountered in average school children.  The school is not equipped to meet the needs
of children with more than mild exceptional needs. 
3.    We reserve the right to limit enrollment so that we do not endanger the school or the privileges of other students.  It is our intent to enroll only those students who will make a positive contribution to our school academically and spiritually. 
 *In addition, students entering Kindergarten must be five years old by December 1.  Students who have not yet turned five by September 1 will first be required to meet with the Elementary Principal and the Kindergarten teacher.  (See policy regarding retention and promotion for further information). 
Application Procedure 
1.    Application packets are available from the school office upon request. 
2.    Completed application forms are accepted by the office staff, who will arrange an
interview for both parent(s) and student(s) with the school administration. 
3.    Upon acceptance, registration fees are due and tuition fee arrangements are
4.    Students registering in a class full to capacity or following the pre-registration deadline will be placed on a waiting list until there is an available opening. 
5.    Testing – we test all incoming new students to access their academic knowledge.  Upon completing and scoring the test, we can determine whether New Heights Christian
Academy is the right place for your student and place him/her in the appropriate
class.   Testing fee of $50 will apply. 
6.    All students who have previously withdrawn from our school will need to complete the entire application process including an interview and testing with the school
Student Admission Standards 
1.    The student must express a desire to attend New Heights Christian Academy,
acknowledging their awareness that this is a Christian institution. 
2.    Completion of Student Recommendation form/s 
3.    The student must give evidence of having the ability to meet the academic requirements of New Heights Christian Academy. 
4.    The student must possess good emotional and physical health. 
5.    The student must present an acceptable citizenship record.
Enrollment Procedures 
Student applications are received in the office, Monday through Friday. 
Registration is not finalized until the following items have been completed and/or received:    
New Heights Christian Academy Family Registration Form ·         
Student Recommendation Form/s·         Registration Fee·        Medical History ·        
Signed Faith and Practice Statement·         Financial Contract·        
Emergency Procedure Card and Contact Information ·         
Copy of Student’s Birth Certificate ·        Immunization Record ·        
First Grade Physical Completed (for first grade) ·        
Academic and Health records from previous schools which includes the most current report card, standardized testing results, psychological and medical testing information and any IEP forms·         Successful completion of previous grade level. ·        
Evidence of positive behavior, attitude, socialization, academics  
Re-Enrollment Procedures  Re-enrolling students must be in compliance with all requirements for enrollment.  Attendance at New Heights Christian Academy is a privilege.  The school reserves the right to refuse re-enrollment to any student or students of families who have demonstrated disharmony regarding purpose, objectives, standards, policies, rules, and regulations of the school. In addition, no family may be re-admitted unless all financial obligations have been met from the previous year and the student has positive behavior and has made academic progress.  By April of each year, the parents will be given all enrollment forms needed to re-enroll for the following year. There will be a pre-registration night held April  in which you may turn in all your enrollment forms, and pre-registration fees to secure your child’s spot for the next school year.  There are some classes that do fill up quickly, so it is recommended that you register early in the pre-registration period.  Re-enrollments take priority on pre-registration night over new enrollment, however, after pre-registration, it becomes first come, first served.  Pre-registration will be closed June 1st, after which point your child will be placed on a waiting list.  If there is room to enroll your child, he/she will be admitted.  
Withdrawals and Dismissals 
When accepted as a student of New Heights Christian Academy, the agreement that is entered into between the student and his/her family is expected to be a yearly commitment.  However, if parents wish to withdraw their child, they should formally do so through the main office.  This request must begin with a letter explaining the reasons that a withdrawal is requested, along with the date of the withdrawal.  30-day notice is required per contract and the parent will be financially responsible for the tuition for the 30-day period regardless of whether the child attends that month.   All fees, including Registration Fees are non-refundable.  Report cards and transcripts are released to students, parents or other school only when the student’s tuition, lunch account, and all other fees are current.
Financial Policy      
Tuition is due on the 1of each month (August – May) and is delinquent after the 5.
Any payments received after the 5th of the month will incur a $25.00 late charge, due and payable at that time. ·        
New Heights Christian Academy reserves the right to suspend any account, which is in arrears 30 days.
If an account is suspended student(s) will not be allowed in class or participate in athletics until the account is brought current.         
All returned checks will incur an additional $35.00 charge.
All checks are to be paid within 5 days.
We reserve the right to have any returned checks, not paid within the 5 days, turned over to the Fresno County District Attorney’s office for collection.         
One returned check per family is allowed. After that point, no personal checks will be accepted.
All payments to New Heights Christian Academy will have to be made in Cash, Money Order or Cashier’s Check. No Exceptions.        
A returned check that was made for tuition may possibly incur a late charge of $25.00 and a returned check fee of $35.00.          
Tuition will be collected by New Heights Christian Academy on a monthly basis.
The registration fee pays for all consumables that my student(s) may use.  
Parents are responsible for their accounts at New Heights Christian Academy.
If an emergency should arise and a family is temporarily unable to keep their contractual obligation, families will contact the school office and make mutually agreeable payment arrangements.  
It is understood that extended arrangements cannot be made for returned checks. 
Past due accounts are in jeopardy of being sent to collections after the 30 day deadline 
Payments can be made in the office, or mailed to:  New Heights Christian Academy
5690 E. Shields Ave.Fresno, CA 93727  (if sent by mail, payment must be received by the 5  to be considered on-time)    
NOTICE: Notification of withdrawal must be made at least ONE MONTH (30 days) IN ADVANCE, IN WRITING, to the school.  Your child is considered enrolled, and you will be charged until WRITTEN notice to terminate this contract is received.  
Student Fees & Tuition 
Registration Fees:          
Elementary School (K-6th)  $225.00 
Secondary (7th-8th)  $275
Tuition Fees:          
Elementary School (K-6) $4300.00 
Secondary (7th-8th) $5900
New Student Application Fee (includes Testing Fee): $50.00 
Graduation Fees:           Kindergarten $25.00           8 Grade $40.00 
Late Tuition Fee:  $25.00
Returned Check Fee: $35.00 
Transcript Copy Fee: (every student gets 2 free copies) $2.00 
Childcare Program: 
Before School (6:30am-7:45am) (cost is per month) $90.00           
Drop-in Fee (per drop-in) $10.00
After School (3:15-6:00pm) (cost is per month) $150.00          
Late pick-up charge from After School (cost first five minutes and  each additional minute)
NOTE: Students not picked up by 3:30pm will be placed in day care & fees will apply.
Athletic Fees           Per Sport (grades 4-8) $40.00   
New Heights Christian Academy sets tuition fees at the level necessary to cover the operating expenses of the school.Our program could not exist in its present state of development, nor can it continue without a consistent high enrollment, and the continued prayer and financial support of like-minded individuals.  Financial gifts enable further development and expansion of the spiritual and educational goals of the school. Your continued support is greatly appreciated. 
Account Payment Plans 
Application, registration and testing fees are non-refundable and non-negotiable.  Special fees will apply to additional activities/programs.  New Heights Christian Academy offers a ten month payment plan.  Below is a listing of the available payment plans.       
Full Payment: Pay tuition in full by August 1, or upon acceptance, and receive a 5% discount on tuition only.  Full registration fees, and sports fees (if applicable) are required.
Academic (10 month) Payment Plan:  Monthly payments are due by the 1 of the month beginning August 1 through May 1.  Payments may be made by cash, check, money order, or cashier’s check.    
Attendance:In order to gain the most from New Heights Christian Academy, it is important that each student attend school regularly. Attendance will be taken and reported to the office.  We recognize that certain absences are unavoidable, and that parents may take their children out of school when they consider it necessary. Such absences, however, do place an extra burden upon both the student and the teacher to complete missed work and may jeopardize the student’s opportunity to receive credit for a given subject.   Students who are tardy or absent must provide a written explanation from a parent explaining the nature of the tardy or absence. 
Please note that it is the student’s responsibility, not the teacher’s, to have a note explaining the reason for an absence or tardy.
Absences:  Following any absence, the parent must send a written excuse to school on the day the student returns. 
Excused Absences:  An absence is considered “excused”when caused by: 
1.   personal illness 
2.   medical/dental appointments that cannot be scheduled so as not to interfere with
classes (see anticipated absence policy) 
3.   death in the immediate family 
4.   serious family emergencies 
5.   family or church activities (see anticipated absence policy)Students will be assigned
“Make-Up Work” when a note from the parent stating one of the above reasons is the excuse for the absence.   
Anticipated Absences: 
These excused absences result from the following: 
1.    Doctor or dentist appointment. Notes from parents must be given to the office before 8:00am on the day of the appointment.  The office will then provide the student a note to be dismissed from class early.  Students must then be signed out by the parent (unless they are 18 years of age, or a senior with written parent permission) at the time of release. 
2.    Family or church activities: Notes for which the school has been given written notice of at least two days in advance of the absence.
3.    Vacation or special family trips:  These should be arranged through the school office to obtain an Absence Contract.  The absence contract must be attained and submitted to the teacher no less than two weeks prior to the planned vacation/trip.  If the trip is requested less than two weeks in advance, the teacher reserves the right to approve or deny make-up work accommodations. 
Unexcused Absences:
Absences not defined above will be considered “unexcused.” These are absences due to car problems, oversleeping, etc. When a student receives an unexcused absence, there will be an academic penalty subtracted from the daily grade. Homework and tests will be due at the teacher’s discretion without the usual make-up privileges. Students with an unexcused absence on the day of an exam will not be allowed to make-up that exam. Absences which go un-cleared by a parent upon student’s return to school will not be cleared, and will be considered unexcused.  Students are only permitted 5 unexcused absences per semester per class in order to receive credit. 
Accumulated Absences:
If a student has more than five unexcused absences in any class during the semester, he/she will be retained for elementary. Students are permitted a total of ten excused absences during a semester from each class.  If student exceeds the ten days in any one class, a student may not receive credit for the class.  In order to receive full credit, a student will need to file for an appeal, repeat the class, take a correspondence course, or attend summer school.  A total of 9 consecutive days of unexcused absences may result in a student being dropped from the school roll.  A total of five days of unexcused absences during any quarter may result in a failing grade or an incomplete grade if administratively approved.An absence for a school activity will be excused, but considered part of the students total absences. 
Participation In Extracurricular Activities After An Absence:
Students participating in elective extracurricular activities such as sports, banquets, etc., will be expected to be in attendance at school for the full day on which the activity occurs. If the activity is on a Saturday, the student should attend school the full day on Friday. Absences excused due to emergencies, and administrative exceptions are excluded in this policy. 
Make-up Work:
A student who is absent, with either an excused or unexcused absence, will be responsible to make up all work. If a student is absent one day, he should be prepared for all tests and homework upon returning to school. Students with multiple excused absences will be given the number of days absent to make up the missed work. (An exception to this policy may be made for a long-term assignment due during the absence and tests assigned before the absence. That work or test may be due the day a student returns to school.) If the work is not turned in upon arrival at school or not made up on time, it will be handled as explained in the section of the handbook entitled “Late Work” found under the “Academics” heading of the handbook.
Pre-Excused Absence:
A Pre-excused Absence form is used to record assignments to be made up by a student who knows he/she is going to be absent in the near future. Teacher’s sign/initial the form to indicate that the assignments listed are correct. Upon returning from a pre-excused absence, the student will need to complete an Absence Make-Up Form (described in the Anticipated Absences section) in order to get an update on covered material.  This is required if planning to be absent more than 3 days, and may be used in the event of severe illness where student misses more than 3 days. When absences occur, it is the responsibility of the student to make arrangements to make up missed work.  Failure to make up the work in the allotted time frame will result in a zero for that assignment. 
Early Dismissal and Sign-out: 
A student will be allowed to leave school early when a note signed by a parent is sent to the school on the day he/she is to leave early or when a parent comes into the office to sign the student out. Any student who must leave school or campus during school hours for an appointment, or for any reason, must be signed out in the school office and signed in upon return by parent or adult designated on emergency procedure card. Absences from class will follow the “Attendance Requirement” guidelines to determine excused or unexcused status. Signing out earlier than 15 minutes before the class ends will be counted as an absence for that class. Students who are not on the team as player will not be permitted to travel with the team to away games unless pre-approved by administration. 
Appeals Process:
Students who receive five unexcused absences, ten excused absences, or a combination of the two in any class within one semester may receive no credit for the semesters work.  If a student has excessive absences, students will receive a report card including grades, but it will also indicate that they have earned 0 credit in any class with excessive absences with a note indicating that the grades and credits presented will have a 30 day window to appeal.  To appeal grades and/or credits,a student must: 
1.   Obtain an Absence Appeal form from the school office. 
2.   Fill out the required information (i.e. dates absent, and reasons for absences, signatures from teachers indicating you completed all assignments for days missed in an efficient manner) 
3.   Return forms to office, and student (and parent) may sign up for an appeal interview with the Principal 
4.   Attend appeal interview. 
The appeal process does not guarantee that your credits will be reinstated. We recognize that due to unforeseen circumstances in the lives of our students, student attendance may become affected and therefore provide this opportunity.  Appeals are handled  on a case by case basis. 
Promptness is an important aspect of character and a measure of school citizenship. Students who arrive to school more than 10 minutes late, must have a written explanation from a parent to the office explaining the nature of the tardy. Consideration for excused tardies will be given to students who arrive late due to inclement weather, unavoidable transportation difficulties, and medical appointments. Students who travel through dense traffic areas should plan extra travel time in order to arrive at school on time. Please note that frequent unexcused tardies will result in disciplinary action.    
New Heights Christian Academy is a member of the Association Christian Schools International (ACSI). The administrative staff and the instructional staff of New Heights Christian Academy are well qualified to perform their work. Achievement tests administered annually show our student body to be performing at or above the national average.   Students who have done well at New Heights Christian Academy move easily into other private and public schools locally and across the nation. New Heights Christian Academy offers an education consistent with the standards of California elementary and middle schools.  A student at New Heights Christian Academy can expect to graduate prepared academically, physically, socially, and most importantly, spiritually.  We offer a program strong in all aspects of the student’s education, as well as a high level of involvement in sports, music, and visual arts. 
Based on the biblical mandate in I Corinthians 10:31 that in whatever we do we are to do all to the glory of God, our goal is to strive for excellence in every academic subject as well as in our extracurricular activities. The Christian should always strive to excel for the purpose of glorifying the Lord. 
At  New Heights Christian Academy we recognize that Jesus Christ is the source of all knowledge and that according to Proverbs 10:14, “Wise men lay up knowledge.” The Bible is the guide for life; therefore, Bible study is a recognized part of the curriculum of CCS. All students have a Bible class that includes Bible study, Bible memorization and practical Christian training. In our elementary, junior high, and high school we use the Bible programs developed by ABEKA, Positive Action, and Summit Ministries. In the Bible classes and chapel, students are required to have a Bible.In the elementary school, the ABEKA curriculum (developed by Pensacola Christian College), the BJU Press curriculum (developed by Bob Jones University, and Association of Christian Schools International curriculum are used. These curricula place a strong emphasis on phonics, reading comprehension, and mathematics. They are superior academic programs enhanced by the Christian philosophy we believe to be necessary for our students. 
The Kindergarten at New Heights Christian Academy provides a warm, nurturing experience focusing on the development of spiritual, social, and foundational academic skills. The students are exposed to a fascinating world of animals, people, and places that allows them to develop necessary language skills as well as to develop reading and writing readiness, eye-hand coordination, visual perception, and listening and thinking skills. Each day includes Bible stories, songs, prayer, scripture reading and memory, and character-building activities. Our kindergarteners are delighted with their achievement in learning their letters and numbers. Our phonics–based reading readiness program carefully sequences activities in letter recognition, letter sounds, vowel formation (long and short), consonant-vowel blends, and one-syllable words with one or two vowels. Children enjoy counting and participating in activities that introduce number concepts and the formation of numbers. Kindergarten is also a time to develop a love and appreciation for good poetry, music, art, and drama through new and traditional media that are an important part of our program.
1st - 3rd Grade: 
New Heights Christian Academy strives to partner with families in providing a Christian education in a safe, encouraging setting that will assist parents in raising their children to exemplify Christ above all else. Spiritual growth is nurtured within each child during regular times of sharing God’s Word through daily Bible classes, scripture memorization, songs, hymns, prayer, assemblies and a weekly chapel program.  Early independence in reading is achieved by emphasizing word analysis and comprehension with an intensive phonics-based program. In the early elementary grades, our program motivates students to learn with genuine, early success in reading. In later years, we enrich the curriculum with award-winning books. We believe that language is a gift from God, therefore, we have carefully developed a traditional grammar program, which builds confidence in the students’ capabilities in written and spoken language. Grammar is taught with the purpose of making clear to the students the orderly structure of their language and a picture of God’s plan for the world and for their lives.  Students enjoy studying science and are thrilled to see the plan of God as it is revealed in His creation. Our science program provides a solid foundation based on the Word of God and Christian principles.  Physical education, health, music, and art help to round out a superior education with a Christian perspective.   Guided discussion in all subject areas provides students an opportunity to extend their thinking skills and apply their learning to other situations.  
 Upper Elementary and Middle School Classes:
New Heights Christian Academy strives to develop outstanding citizens and leaders by participating in and promoting civic activity as we share Jesus with our community. We offer designed opportunities to develop leadership skills and to develop philosophies to become effective citizens within the framework of Christian faith and principles.  New Heights Christian Academy is committed to reach the world by embracing a proper Christian worldview that views other cultures and nations as a part of our mission field.  Our curriculum is focused on the academic and spiritual development of the student. Upper elementary and middle school classes are departmentalized with multiple teachers. Students progress through a balanced curriculum that stresses analysis and higher cognitive thinking skills in all core subject areas. 
Believing that homework is an integral part of the school program, each teacher is at liberty to give homework to aid each student in advancing work. Therefore, each student is expected to successfully complete his home assignments each day. We request the full cooperation and support from parents to see that homework is completed. Homework may be given for the following purposes: drill, practice, remedial reasons, and individual projects relating to school studies. Continued failure to complete homework assignments will result in disciplinary action and ultimately in dismissal.  
Late Work: 
Assignments, quizzes, and tests not submitted according to schedule will receive an academic penalty. Final decisions for credit on late work will be left to the discretion of the teacher. 
The grading key is as follows: A+ 100-97 B+ 87-89 C+ 77-79 D+ 67-69 A 94-96 B 84-86 C 74-76 D 64-66 A- 90-93 B- 80-83 C- 70-73 F 59 or below 
Progress Reports:
In lower elementary grades, each student’s weekly papers are sent home on Mondays. These include letters from your child’s teacher sharing information about the upcoming week, your child’s progress and behavior.Upper elementary and middle school progress reports are sent home at the mid-point in each of the four quarters. The student is required to return the progress report with his parent’s signature.  The teacher or the parent may request an appointment to discuss a student’s progress at any time.  Parents are encouraged to meet with the teacher at issuance of the 1 and 3 quarter report cards. 
Report Cards:  
Quarterly Report Cards are sent to all parents to give an accurate indication of the progress, or lack of progress, being made. Each student is evaluated academically and may also be scored in the areas of work and study habits and citizenship.  The academic grade is based upon the average for daily work, quizzes, and tests.  In the elementary, students are graded based on their progress in a variety of subject areas and development such as: reading, handwriting, participation, mathematics, etc.  The report card utilized in Kindergarten focuses on benchmarks children should be reaching: knowing their alphabet and sounds, numbers to 100, etc.  The grades will reflect the child’s progress towards attaining those benchmarks.
Academic Probation: 
We believe that any student who truly desires to succeed will do so if he is willing to work diligently. Any student who receives a grade of a “D” or “F” in any subject will be placed on academic probation for the following quarter. Under academic probation a student will be ineligible for extracurricular activities (sports, student leadership, yearbook, school trips, etc.) and will be required to meet with the teacher for an extended tutoring time.
Promotion or Retention:
K-3 Grades:
A child’s readiness as evidenced by tests and overall daily performance in the classroom will determine the recommendation for promotion or retention.  The results of tests, as well as overall daily performance in the classroom, will determine the promotion or retention of the student. This is really of value for the student as it demonstrates a child’s readiness to advance to the next level.  Without a strong foundation in the fundamentals, a student will struggle in their future academics.  This really is the core learning time, and finding success at this level will ensure success (provided the student remains motivated) at higher levels of education.  In the past, students who have been retained as a result of a teacher’s recommendation and repeat a grade, find themselves with increased confidence as they find themselves at the top of the class, rather than struggling.   
4-5 Grades:
Promotion is based on the yearly average of each core subject. The failure of more than one core subject may result in retention. Students who fail two or more core subjects may be required to make up that subject during the summer or be retained in the specific grade. Summer course work may only be done with a tutor who has been approved by the administration. The parents are responsible for the expenses of summer tutoring. The student may be required to pass an assessment test prior to the first day of school to determine if he/she will be promoted.   
Middle School (6-8):
Retention is recommended when a student fails two or more academic subject areas (Bible, English, Science, Math, or Social Studies) and/or lacks developmental social skills. If a student fails one class, he/she will be required to make it up in summer school in order to be promoted to the next grade level. The administration will then determine whether the student should be retained.   
Skipping a Grade:
In most cases, students will not be permitted to skip a grade, as New Heights Christian Academy feels that students develop on many levels in addition to academic.  The first plan of action, prior to having students skip a grade, will be to have a parent/teacher conference along with administration to discuss an alternative education plan that will more readily meet the needs of the child.  In this case, push them academically.  The curriculum chosen by New Heights Christian Academy is already written at a high academic level, so skipping a grade may add stress to the child, and hinder their academic progress.  
Due to small class sizes, teachers are able to work to meet individual needs of students.  Students in grades K-8 are offered a well-rounded education.  Students in elementary school will have afternoon classes, “specials”, which will include music, art, and physical education.  At New Heights Christian Academy, students receive Biblical instruction as well.  Through the Bible curriculum, students learn character traits, life application skills, scripture memory, and basic fundamentals of Christian Doctrine.  Our goal is that every student graduating from New Heights Academy is armed spiritually with the Truth (the Word of God). 
Proficiency Standards: 
While New Heights Christian Academy is not governed by state academic standards, New Heights Christian Academy strives to exceed those established by the state to ensure students will be prepared for high school and future academics.   Each year, faculty and administration review curriculum to be sure it is meeting the needs of students and meeting the established Expected School-wide Learning Results.  In certain cases, material will be supplemented to ensure that students are getting the same content that students enrolled in public school are receiving. For example: content on California missions is supplemented in the fourth grade curriculum.  
Achievement Tests: 
Stanford Achievement Tests are administered to grades Kindergarten through 8 each year. In addition, some grade levels will be required to take the Otis-Lennon School Ability Test. This test is administered in conjunction with the Stanford Achievement testing schedule. Testing results are mailed home during the summer.  
Policy for Releasing Student Records: 
According to Education Code Section 49068, whenever a pupil transfers from one school district to another, or to a private school, or transfers from a private school to a school district within the state, the pupil’s permanent record or a copy thereof shall be transferred by the former district or private school upon request from the district or private school where the pupil intends to enroll. Report cards and Diplomas not picked up due to non-payment of bills will be filed in the student folder along with the bill(s) owed.  
Honor Roll:(3rd-8 Grades)
Students who earn all A's (no incompletes) in core courses (Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Bible) and electives will be placed on the “A Honor Roll” for that grading period. Students obtaining all A’s and B’s (no failing grades or incompletes) in core courses (Math, English, Science, Social Studies, Bible) will be placed on the “A-B Honor Roll” for that grading period. 
Final report cards (fourth quarter) will not be mailed out until all fees are reconciled through the school bookkeeper. Student records are open to and may be obtained by the parent or guardian at the cost of duplication of the records, as long as there is not an outstanding balance. If a student’s records are requested to be sent to another school, New Heights Christian School will mail the records within two weeks of receipt of the request from the new school or a written request from the parents/guardians, if all account balances have been settled.  If the request is received after the school office is closed for the summer, the request will be honored when the office reopens in August.  Official transcripts will not be released directly to students or parents, but unofficial transcripts are available upon request. Records will not be released if there is an outstanding balance on the student’s account.             
As a student, you must recognize that your conduct is a reflection on the testimony of the Lord and New Heights Christian Academy, as well as yourself and your family.  As a student at New Heights Christian Academy, you sign an agreement to live within the rules of our school.  The agreement is a commitment to us that you will govern yourself and abide by the school rules with a willing attitude.  The following guidelines are established to maintain an atmosphere conducive to learning, and glorifying to God.The following items exemplify the standards of Christian conduct, which will help us have a school that is Godly and orderly:  
Honor the Lord:
Whether at school or away from school, the Christian student’s goal should be to “let your light so shine before men that they may see your good works and glorify your Father which is in heaven” (Matt. 5:16). Christians should desire to honor the Lord and to maintain a testimony of love for the Lord. Therefore, we should be alert to do things that please the Lord (Phil. 2:13) and desire to think like Christ (Phil. 2:5). Typical of this standard is faithfulness in attendance at a local Bible-preaching church (Heb. 10:25) 
Show Respect: 
Christian students should show respect for those in authority over them (Eph. 6:5-8; I Tim. 5:1; I Pet. 2:17, 18). The student, as a Christian, will show respect for the feelings and property of others (Phil. 2:3).
Students are expected to maintain Christian standards of courtesy and kindness as well as a pleasant spirit and a constructive attitude (Num. 11:1; Ps. 142:2; John 16:33). 
Refrain from Gossip:
Every Christian student should allow the Holy Spirit to rule his tongue. He will strive to avoid offending and hurting others by careless and thoughtless words, words that may be a stumbling block, gossip, backbiting, or slander (Prov. 10:1, 25:9; Rom. 1:29, 30). 
Use Appropriate Language: 
Students should recognize that using the tongue for cursing, vulgarity, profanity, euphemisms, and lying has no place in the life of a Christian. The use of slang is discouraged (Matt. 5:37; Eph. 4:29; Col. 4:6; James 5:12). 
Stealing and cheating are condemned by God’s Word and therefore should not be accepted in the life of a Christian (Exodus 20:15; Eph. 4:28).
Honesty is expected at all times!  This policy includes lying and plagiarism.  Cheating is obtaining or providing any help on an assignment that is to be completed solely by the student.  This definition applies to tests, projects, research, homework, and other teacher designated work. Students caught cheating will receive a 0 on the assignment in addition to parent notification with possible suspension/expulsion.  Students caught cheating more than once will be expelled.  
Refrain from Immoral Activities: 
New Heights Christian School students should refrain from activities that are not glorifying to God. Gambling, drinking, dressing immodestly, and reading or viewing pornography are typical of such activities (I Co. 6:19, 20; II Co. 6:17; I Thess. 5:22; I Jn. 2:15). Two other areas of special concern involve what we watch in the media and the music to which we listen.  
Public Display of Affection: 
New Heights Christian School students should follow Biblical standards of conduct toward members of the opposite sex. Wholesome friendships are encouraged between boys and girls.  Students should be above reproach in their relationships in and out of school. This is particularly important between boy-girl relationships. Holding hands, embracing, kissing, or any other form of physical contact is not allowed anywhere on campus or during school activities/functions, on and off campus.  Students of opposite sex are not permitted to be alone in an unobserved location.  Any infraction of these policies will result in a conference with the students and parents involved. Appropriate disciplinary action will result including suspension or expulsion. 
While in a classroom setting, couples or students of the opposite sex who appear to be more than “just friends” at the discretion of the teacher/any staff member will be assigned new seating.  Boys are also not to be displaying affection amongst themselves in a way that is undignified (see sexual harassment policy). Christian students should practice sexual purity in word and deed. Sexual intimacy should be reserved for a faithful, life-long marriage of one man and one woman. Christians should oppose all forms of sexual immorality, including premarital sex, adultery, homosexuality, and pornography. Failure to remain sexually pure could result in discipline, including suspension or expulsion (Gen. 1:27-28, 2:18-24, 19:1-7; Lev. 18:22, 20:13; Prov. 5; Matt. 5:27-32, 19: -9, Mark 10:6-9; Rom. 1:24-32; I Cor. 6:9-10, 7:1-5).  Anyone talking of or encouraging this type of behavior by any means (including distribution of “protection”) will be suspended and possibly expelled. 
Conflict Resolution (Matthew 18): 
A disagreement with a student, faculty, or staff member should be approached in a scriptural manner. The offended party should attempt to reconcile the difference with the other party before bringing in a higher authority (Matt. 18:15-17).  
Illegal Substances: 
No student will use, have in his possession, or make pretense of using, possessing, or encouraging others to use illegal drugs, tobacco, beer, or other alcoholic beverages at or away from school. Violations of this nature will result in automatic suspension or expulsion from school.  In addition, students should not remain at any activity where drugs or alcohol are being consumed.   
Prohibited Items: 
Fireworks, firecrackers, matches, and other flammable materials are prohibited by law and are not permitted on campus.  In addition, students will not bring any weapon, firearm or anything that resembles a weapon or firearm on campus. 

School Property:
School facilities, books, desks, all lockers, etc. are provided for the use of the students.  Damaging or defacing of such property is not acceptable. Students and their parents are responsible for damage incurred to school property, whether willful or accidental (including breakage of windows, damage to lockers, abuse or loss of books, etc.).  Vandalism of school property also includes destroying or damaging property by writing with any type of instrument and placing of stickers or other sticky items (including gum).  Pride grows from a clean campus – students are encouraged to help keep the campus clean. 
Candy, food, drinks (except plain water) are not to be consumed in classrooms or hallways.  Exception: Special occasions with teacher’s permission such as holidays, class parties, etc.  
Electronic Devices:
IPods , MP3 players or cell phones are not to be out in class.  Items, including cell phones, must be kept in backpacks during the course of the school day and may only be utilized before and after school. No headphones in class, this includes utilizing the computers for entertainment.It is the student’s responsibility to follow the rules, and the parent’s responsibility to ensure that they are, in the event of a student’s phone being confiscated, following up and not permitting their child to bring the phone back on campus.  In the event that a student breaks the rules a second time, a parent conference and suspension will be issued.  
Toys/Non-Instructive Items: 
Students will not bring toys, or other non-instructive items on campus.  Items will be confiscated by the teacher, and returned at the end of the day for the first offense.  Second offence, item will be confiscated and placed in the school office.  A parent may come in and pick up item.  The third and final offense will result in confiscating the item for the remainder of the school year.Elementary students may bring items for “show and tell”.  These items must be kept in backpacks/cubbies for the school day until “Show and Tell”.  Following “Show and Tell” they should return to their backpack/cubbies. 
Computer Acceptable Use:
It is essential for each student on the network to recognize his/her responsibility in having access to vast services and people.  The use of the internet is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use will result in a cancellation of those privileges.  Statement and Purpose:  It is an expectation that computer resources are used in a reasonable, efficient, safe, moral, and legal manner in accordance with the rules of New Heights Christian Academy or any activity that contradicts the Christian ethos of the school.  In addition, computers are to be utilized solely for educational purposes, including, but not limited to: assignments, coursework, research, and practicing various skills.
New Heights Christian Academy is committed to 1) protecting our students and staff from viewing inappropriate materials on the computer system, and 2) protecting our equipment and data from misuse.  It also needs to be recognized and understood that regardless of how much we try to protect our students, it is impossible to be 100% effective due to the nature of the internet.
Definition of Acceptable Use: 
 1.   The use of computers and the internet must be for educational purposes only.
 2.   Teachers and/or the network administration team will have access to all files and
      communication as computers remain property of New Heights Christian Academy. 
 3.   Students will be guided towards appropriate materials by teachers and/or curriculum. 
 4.   The Acceptable Use policy practice and procedures are to include but are not limited to guarding against the following actions:     
       i.     Sending or displaying offensive messages or pictures                      
       ii.     Using obscene language includes texting.                                       
       iii.    Harassing, insulting or attacking others . . . cyber bullying.
       iv.    Damaging computers, computer systems,or networks.
      v.     Violating copyright laws.                                        
       vi.    Using the passwords of others or share your own.                                       
       vii.   Trespassing into the folders, work, or files of others.                                    
       viii.  Intentionally wasting limited resources.                                        
       ix.    Employing the network for commercial purposes                                         
       x.    Inappropriate email usage including Google talk                                        
       xi.    Access internet games or chat rooms (includes typical chat rooms and twitter) 
       xii.   Plagiarism of both images and print                                     
       xiii.  Register for any organization/association                                     
       xiv.  Place orders/make purchases                                       
       xv.   Download or save any programs from any source, including .exe files. 
5.   Students should not be visiting sites that are not permitted while at school
(i.e. MySpace, Facebook, addicting games, twitter, or similar sites) – this list is in no way comprehensive, and constantly changing that it would be impossible to add all restricted sites here.  Email privileges are restricted to school use/collaborating purposes only. 
 6.   Students need to learn to recognize personal bias and understand when a site may be promoting dangerous or unhealthy lifestyles, students will be taught.
       i.    If I accidently find a website that promotes hate, racism, pornography, or violence, I will leave it immediately and inform the teacher.                                         
       ii.   I will not give personal information on-line, in communication or on Websites. 
This includes my name, address, email address, telephone number, credit card
numbers, or school location.                                        
       iii.  I will always use a nickname in internet communication when I communicate with people I don’t know personally.                                        
       iv.  I will practice good manners and be polite to other people when I communicate with them on the internet.                                         
       v.    I will make up a password that is hard to guess (when applicable) and easy to
remember.  I will not share it with anyone, and I will change it regularly. 
       vi.   If I receive a message that bothers me, I will log off immediately and tell an adult.  I will not respond to the message. 
 7.   Connections to all remote locations on the internet are viewed as Electronic Field Trips and are governed by the same rules that apply to standards of conduct.
 8.   The school shall review annually the Acceptable Use Agreement and determine
appropriate consequences for any infractions to the Computer Acceptable use
Agreement.  To ensure consistency these will be designed in consultation with the
network administration team, teachers, and school administration. 
 9.   Any unauthorized access to the system or data banks will be investigated by the network administration team.  In consultation with administration, the consequences of the inappropriate action will be determined and enforced. 
 1.   Teachers will review the Acceptable Use Guidelines with students. 
 2.   Acceptable Use Agreements will be provided to all students at the beginning of each school year.  Both students and their parents/legal guardians, prior to receiving access to the internet, must sign the form acknowledging that they have read and agree to abide by the rules set forth by the student handbook, which will be kept in the
student’s file. 
 3.   This document will be reviewed annually. 
Laptop Use 
1.   Computers will be assigned to classrooms.  The user name and password will be
determined by the network administrator.  File names will be given to students.
Passwords must be kept secret.  User IDs and passwords are unique to each computer.
2.   The laptops are to be kept at school at all times, and the students are responsible for the computer while in their possession. 
3.   Each computer has wireless capabilities and will be protected by the main firewall and independent parental control settings set by the network administrator on each
individual computer to maximize protection.
4.   Each computer will log which websites it has visited in addition to time spent online.   These activity reports will be regularly monitored by the network administrator, in addition to constant monitoring by teachers during class time.
5.   Students are not to install/uninstall any programs on their computer, or change system settings (including desktop wallpaper) without administrator’s approval. 6.   Absolutely no food or drink near computers at any time.  
Closed Campus: 
Written permission must be given by a parent or staff member for a student to leave class or campus.  An emergency card is kept in the office stating all names of persons who can pick-up a student from school or a school function.  
Truancy (Cutting Class – Leaving Campus):
Truancy is being absent without the knowledge and consent of parents and school officials.  This includes leaving school before the end of the day without permission or staying out of any part or all of scheduled classes without permission.  A student may be considered truant if they are not in their classroom without permission.  A student who is more than ten minutes late to a class will be counted as truant.  Truancy is considered an unexcused absence with no opportunity to make up work.  All missed assignments and tests will result in a zero. 
Consequences for Truancy 
 1.    1st Violation:  Parent conference one-day suspension.
 2.    2nd  Violation: Parent conference and three day suspension.  
 3.    3rd  Violation: Five day suspension and/or possible expulsion. Subsequent violation will result in mandatory withdrawal from our school. 
Summary of Standards 
 High standards of conduct are required of all those associated with New Heights Christian Academy. New Heights Christian Academy expects that its students live above reproach showing respect to God, country, family, faculty, and fellow students. Therefore, lying, cheating, theft, and profanity will not be tolerated. Constructive suggestions are welcome, but griping will not be tolerated. Anyone who will not cooperate spiritually, morally, or scholastically will be required to withdraw.  A student living in violation of one of the aforementioned standards displays an area of need in his life. A teacher or administrator aware of the need may therefore point out the problem to the student and communicate the sphere of concern to the parents. At that time, those involved in counseling may consider it necessary to discharge some form of discipline to help the student mature in the given area. If the problem persists, more severe discipline may be in order. 
Classroom Rules
Teachers are responsible for establishing a behavioral plan, which maintains a positive class atmosphere conducive for quality education.  It is mandated that students are respectful and cooperative with their teachers.  Although each teacher will have specific classroom procedures that he expects to have followed in the room, as a school-wide standard, we expect adherence to these basic rules:
 1.   The student should not speak out in class without first securing permission from the teacher (i.e. raise hand).
 2.   The student should not leave his seat without permission. 
 3.   The student should always give the teacher his full attention while he/she is teaching. 
 4.   The student should always address and reply to the teacher with respect. All students are to address adults as Mr., Mrs., or Miss; never by first name. Out of respect for the administration and faculty, we ask the parents to set the example in this regard when speaking with or about the school personnel. 
 5.   Negative attitudes and responses will not be tolerated. 
 6.   The student should not engage in running, shoving, yelling, and other boisterous
behavior or “horse-play” inside the buildings or during inappropriate times outdoors. 
 7.   No “bullying” or mistreatment of fellow classmates. 
 8.   A teacher’s desk, cabinet, bookcase, computer, etc. are regarded as personal
 9.   Students are permitted in a classroom ONLY when a teacher is present.  
 10. There is to be absolutely no food or drinks (except plain water) in the classroom.
Any student not complying with the above standards is subject to immediate removal from class, and any student consistently in conflict with any policy of the school will be asked to withdraw.New Heights Christian Academy uses both positive and negative discipline to instill in students behavior patterns and attitudes that will produce self-disciplined lives. Discipline is administered in love as a preventive or corrective measure, and each student is dealt with according to his grade level. Please refer to the “Discipline” heading of the handbook for complete details. 
Student Sexual Harassment Policy 
 New Heights Christian Academy is committed to maintaining an academic environment in which all individuals treat each other with dignity and respect, and which is free from all forms of intimidation, exploitation, and harassment, including sexual harassment.  Anyone who violates this policy will be subject to discipline, up to and including suspension or expulsion.   
Definition of Sexual Harassment:
“Sexual Harassment” means unwelcome sexual advances, requests for sexual favors and other verbal, visual, or physical contact of a sexual nature made by someone from or in the work or educational setting, under any of the following conditions. This includes “sexting”.  “Sexting” is inappropriate use of texting to other students.  Vulgar in nature, incorporating the use of sexual innuendos, profanity, and sometimes pictures. 
 1.   Submission to the conduct is explicitly or implicitly made a term or condition of an
individual academic status, or progress. 
 2.   Submission to, or rejection of the conduct by the individual is used as the basis of
academic decisions affecting the individual. 
 3.   The conduct has the purpose or effect of having a negative impact upon the individual’s academic performance, or of creating an intimidating, hostile, or offensive educational environment. 
 4.   Submission to, or rejection of the conduct by the individual is used as the basis for any decision affecting the individual regarding benefits and services, honors, programs, or activities available through the school.    
Examples of Sexual Harassment: 
Unwelcome sexual conduct of this type can include a wide range of verbal, written (including via electronic media, i.e. sexting, texting, chatting, etc.) visual (including cell phone video, or webcams), or physical contact of a sexual nature.  Among the types of conduct, which would violate this policy, are the following: 
 1.   Unwanted sexual advances or propositions. 
 2.   Offering academic benefits in exchange for sexual favors. 
 3.   Making or threatening reprisals after a negative response to sexual advances. 
 4.   Visual contact such as leering, making sexual gestures, displaying sexually suggestive objects or pictures, cartoons, or posters. 
 5.   Verbal conduct such as making or using derogatory comments, epithets, slurs, and
 6.   Verbal abuse of a sexual nature, graphic verbal commentaries about an individual’s body, sexually degrading words used to describe an individual, suggestive or obscene letters, notes, or invitations. 
 7.   Physical conduct such as touching, assaulting, impeding, or blocking movement.

What to do if you experience Sexual Harassment? 
       1.   Students who feel that they have been subjected to conduct of a harassing nature are encouraged to promptly report the matter to the administration in the school
       2.   Students who observe conduct of a sexual harassing nature are also encouraged to report the matter to the principal or a teacher. 
       3.   All complaints will be promptly investigated. 
Every effort will be made to protect the privacy of the parties involved in any complaint.  However, the school reserves the right to fully investigate every complaint, and to notify a student’s parent/guardian and appropriate government officials as the circumstances warrant.   
Protection Against Retaliation:  
It is against the school’s policy to discriminate or retaliate against any person who has filed a complaint concerning sexual harassment or has testified or participated in any manner in any investigation proceeding or hearing concerning sexual harassment.   
Procedure and Action:
When one of the school officials designated in this policy receives a complaint, he/she shall immediately inform the principal.  The principal will inform the Pastor and direct an investigation to be made of the complaint.  If the investigation confirms the allegations, prompt corrective action shall be taken. The individual who suffered the harassing conduct shall be informed of the corrective action taken.  In addition, any employee or student found to be responsible for sexual harassment in violation of this policy will be subject to appropriate disciplinary action up to and including expulsion or termination.  The severity of the disciplinary action will be based upon the circumstances of the infraction.  
Discipline for Sexual Harassment:  
If allegations are found to be true, the prompt corrective action will include:          Immediate notification of the parent(s), Conference with the Principal, Parent(s), and Student, Suspension, possible expulsion.
Discipline General Guidelines 
Discipline and responsibility for one’s own actions are of utmost importance to students, parents, and teachers. Responsibility is a learned behavior and discipline is one of the principles necessary to maintain a strong Christ-centered approach to Christian education. Students need character development as they respond to authority, whether God’s or man’s.  A child’s first encounter with authority is at home; therefore, New Heights Christian Academy firmly holds to the premise that the basic responsibility for discipline and responsibility resides within the home.  Parents will, therefore, be informed when unusual circumstances needing disciplinary action arise.  It is expected that there will be Godly parental follow-through.  With the parent’s support, we can be of help to the student (Prov. 19:18 and 1Timothy 3:4-5, 12).  Discipline is maintained withfirmness, consistency, and fairness.   Our staff maintains standards of behavior in the classrooms through kindness, love, and a genuine regard for the students.  When disciplinary action becomes necessary, it is firmly carried out and tempered by good judgment and understanding.  Students are encouraged to display Christ-like conduct by following the directions of teachers and other adults, by demonstrating courtesy to all, and by exercising self-control in their behaviors.If a parent has a concern or question regarding student discipline, or some discipline-related situation occurs that is not understood, the parent should discuss it with the teacher. If the situation remains unresolved, the parent may then consult the administration. 
Kindergarten – 8 Grade  Discipline Policy
Each elementary and middle school student is expected to follow the directions and instructions of his/her teacher. To encourage proper behavior, teachers employ a variety of positive rewards (verbal praise, notes and phone calls home for good behavior, and class rewards). Likewise, teachers may also use a variety of methods to deter students from improper behavior. These methods will vary depending on the classroom, but their ultimate goal is to encourage students toward right and proper Christian behavior. These disciplinary actions may include, but are not limited to, loss of recess, loss of rewards, verbal rebuke, notes or phone calls to the parents, or discussion with the principal. 
The purpose for discipline is to change errant behavior and teach the students to be productively in charge of themselves.  Discipline is a process that takes time and cooperation.  When a student’s behavior or attitude violates school standards, various types of discipline are applied: 
 1.  Verbal warning for some situations, known discipline violations will move directly to
step two 
 2.   Detention with parent notification (dependent upon offense) 
 3.   If behavior continues, a conference with Teacher, Student, Parent, and Principal will be arranged and further disciplinary action will be discussed. 
 4.   Suspension 
 5.   Expulsion: Teachers and staff have the authority to reprimand students, to counsel with them, and to assign them detention and teacher/dean will decide how it is to be
 Detention / Time Out:
Detention or Time Out may be served at recess, during the playtime of lunch, or after school. If a student is assigned after school detention, parents will be notified. Severe disciplinary offenses may skip the “detention” step and move straight to suspension or expulsion.  
The student is not permitted to attend class, or participate in school functions, practices, and/or games.  The intention is to discipline the student for a period of time.  During this time, the student will have the opportunity to reflect upon the seriousness of his/her actions and take necessary steps to correct his/her behavior and/or attitude.  Suspension is often used by the administration prior to consideration for dismissal from school.  Three suspensions may result in student expulsion from the school.  
If a student is on a sports team and is suspended, they will not be able to practice or even attend either practices or both home and away games for 10 school days.  Some violations may result in sports ineligibility.
Offenses involving suspension include (but are not limited to): 
 1.   Forging or using forged notes or excuses.
 2.   Smoking or possession of tobacco or any illegal substance. 
 3.   Using inappropriate language (vulgarity/profanity, including emails, texting, or other forms of communication). 
 4.   Fighting – an automatic 2-day suspension for all parties involved. 
 5.   Threatening a teacher, school personnel, or other student. 
 6.   Stealing.
 7.   Destruction of school or private property.  The student will be responsible to make
payment for repair or the replacement of the property. 
 8.   Inappropriate clothing or appearance. 
 9.   Lying,cheating, plagiarism. 
 10. Committing an act of defiance, either in language or action, in or out of the classroom (including athletics – home and away). 
 11. Refusing to comply with any reasonable request of a teacher or staff person in or out of the classroom. 
 12. Cutting class and leaving campus without permission. 
 13. Bullying.  Physical or continued emotional abuse (by words, making fun, etc.) of another
      student. (including online bullying via social networking sites, or texting) 
 14. Sexual harassment 
 15. Sexual misconduct(including public display of affection). 
 16. Weapons: guns, any knives, or any toys resembling a weapon. 
 17. Unauthorized internet use  (NO Social networking sites such as MySpace, Facebook, or Twitter). 
Results of Suspension: 
 1.    A zero grade will be given in every assigned class for each day missed. 
 2.    All regular class work is expected to be completed and turned in upon return from
suspension where zero credit will be received 
 3.    Students are still responsible for major tests or projects missed during suspension. 
Expulsion or Mandatory Withdrawal:  
Mandatory withdrawal is a result of extensive misbehavior when means of correction have not been effective.  It is understood that if current factual information of the student is not given by the parents at the time of the original admissions interview, the administration reserves the right to dismiss the student. 
Expulsion or mandatory withdrawal is at the discretion of the administration. 
NO refunds on any fees,or tuition paid in advance.  
Offenses resulting in expulsion: 
1.   Possession or use of illegal drugs or alcohol both on campus and off campus.  
2.   Carrying or using instruments to do bodily harm. 
3.   Striking a teacher or other school personnel. 
4.   Sexual immorality. 
5.   Vandalism. 
6.   Involvement in gang activity. 
7.   Criminal activity resulting in the filing of a petition in Juvenile Court. 
8.   Bullying (including online bullying via social networking sites, or texting) 
9.   Disrespecting students or staff. 
10.Participating in any illegal activity. 
11.Possession of weapons on campus (knives, guns, etc.) 
 * In addition, students may be asked to withdraw if parent(s) will not cooperate with school administration. 
Behavioral Probation 
Behavioral or academic probation is a conditional period of time assigned to students who fail to meet standards of the school in their attitude, conduct, or grades.  The administration will review the student’s progress weekly.  If sufficient improvement is not made in attitude or behavior, the student will be asked to withdraw.  
Students are placed on behavioral probation for one or two reasons: 
 1.    Continued violation of New Heights Christian Academy standards. 
 2.    Poor attitude demonstrated by a slowness to cooperate with teacher/staff, lack of
       participation in class work, or negative attitudes towards school policy or other
Biblical Response to Questionable Situations 
 We understand that students are frequently faced with the dilemma of how to confront situations that are morally questionable; in addition, students are frequently faced with the conflict of how to deal with friends who have broken or are breaking stated school rules. It is our desire that students learn to confront one another in the spirit and instruction of Matthew 18. Therefore, a student should confront other students who are involved in actions contrary to biblical principles and institutional standards. If repentance is not achieved, the Gospel of Matthew instructs us to take another Christian to confront again. We suggest that students invite a teacher with whom they have a positive relationship to intercede with them. If repentance is still not achieved, the student, along with the one he has invited to intercede, should go to the administration. In this way, we seek to encourage students to stand for righteousness. 
Dress Code
New Heights Christian Academy is a uniform school and requires all students to wear the appropriate grade level uniform.  Dress code is reviewed and approved annually by administration.  We believe that appropriate dress and grooming contribute to a productive learning environment.  
Shirts must be a polo shirt in white, ash, navy, or burgundy, long or short-sleeved.  White turtlenecks may be worn under polo shirts during the winter.  Spirit Shirts may be worn on Fridays only, or special events when noted in writing from the office.  Spirit wear may be purchased in the office. When the weather turns cool, Navy, gray, or burgundy sweatshirts may be worn over uniform shirt.  It is the student’s responsibility to wear proper seasonal attire.  Outer coats/jackets are to be navy blue or burgundy only and plain with no printing.  This year, students who have purchased a Spirit Sweatshirt may wear it every day over standard uniform shirts. 
Students have many choices available to them this year.  All students have the opportunity to wear the navy or khaki pants (available in flat front or pleated) in addition to the new “Dickie” style pants.  A walking short may be worn during the warmer months of the year in both khaki and navy.  Uniform jumpers, skirts or skorts in navy or khaki may be worn by girls All uniform bottoms must “fit” – no larger than one size above the natural waist size.  They must be worn at the proper waist level.  No sagging or bagging pants.  Pants may not be dragging on the ground, cut, or frayed and must be in good repair – no tears, patches, pins, etc. Skirt and jumper hems should come to the line in the back of the knee, and should be lengthened as child’s growth mandates.  Clothing should be modest, loose-fitting, and not see through.  
A black or brown belt is required for boys grades 4- 8.   Girls choosing to wear a belt must wear a brown or black belt as well.  No largebelt buckles. 
Shoes must have closed toe and heel.  Socks or hose should be solid colors that match the uniforms.  Flip flops, combat boots, and slippers are not permitted.  Students K-5 may not wear sandals due to playground time and PE.  Students 6-8 are permitted to wear sandals only if they have a strap around the back of the heel.  
Hair is to be clean, neatly trimmed and combed.  No extreme styles, long or short, and combed out the eyes.  Hair must be a natural color (one color only, no dark roots). Natural looking highlights are acceptable. For boys, hair will not extend over the ears.  Those who wish to clipper cut their hair may not cut any shorter than a #2 clipper extension.

When worn on campus, bill must face forward.  Sock hats may be worn on cold days, but must be blue, gray, or burgandy.  All caps and hats must be removed upon entering the buildings.  
Boys may not wear earrings or body piercing on campus.  Girls may wear post earrings only. There are to be no hoops or dangling earrings.  Body art or tattoos will not be allowed.  No wallet chains or heavy-metal necklaces or jewelry are allowed.  
Makeup is not allowed for students kindergarten – 5 grade.  For students in 6 – 8 grades, cosmetics are to be natural looking and worn to beautify the appearance.  Makeup is not to be extreme.  The same applies for fingernails and toenails. 
Facial Hair: 
Young men are to be cleanly shaven.  Sideburns may not go below the earlobe.
There is to be absolutely no layering of shirts.  Appropriate undergarments should be worn at all times, and should not be showing.  Thermal underwear is not to be seen.  During the winter, long sleeved turtleneck shirts may not be worn under uniform shirts and are to be tucked into pants or skirts. 
All Students 
Strive to dress up, rather than dress down.  How you look affects how you think. 
Field Trip Dress Code for All Students 
Students on field trips are still representing New Heights Christian Academy, therefore, students are permitted to wear school shirt (uniform or spirit wear), and jeans.  Modesty is highly stressed for girls and guys.  Tennis shoes are recommended for comfort and safety.Any student not dressed in proper attire will be sent to the office and will not be allowed to go on the field trip.
Students will be given reminders to be signed by parents. Parents will be notified for repeated offenses and a plan of action will be established.Continued infractions may result in suspension. Multiple suspensions may result in expulsion. 
Student Services 
The School Office:  The school office is open from 7:30 am – 4 pm, Monday – Friday.  If you call the office and get the answering machine, please try again in five to ten minutes.  If it is urgent, please call Mrs. Collins’ cell phone.  
Before and/or After School Care 
New Heights Christian Academy offers before and after school care program, for students in K through 8th* grade. Before school care is available from 6:30 am – 8:00 am.  After school care is available from 3:00 – 6:00 pm.   
Campus Life:
Chapel time is a special time set aside each week for the school to come together and worship the Lord, and to learn of Him.  The continual hearing of God’s Word is vital to our growth, individuality, and as a school.  Chapel is required for all students.  Chapel is held on Friday afternoons from 2:15 – 2:50 pm.  Parents are always welcome to join us for chapel.  
Daily Flag Salute  &  Christian Americanism 
New Heights Christian School places an emphasis on the greatness of America’s heritage and the sacrifices of its heroes.  We unashamedly teach the Biblical principles of self-discipline, respect for those in authority, obedience to the law, and the love of flag and country.  All students are expected to memorize a given scripture passage weekly, as well as the following pledges: 
Pledge of Allegiance to the American Flag“I pledge allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, and to the republic for which it stands, one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”  
Pledge of Allegiance to the Christian Flag“I pledge allegiance to the Christian flag, and to the Savior for whose kingdom it stands. One Savior, crucified, risen, and coming again, with life and liberty for all who believe.” 
Pledge of Allegiance to the Bible“I pledge allegiance to the Bible, God’s Holy Word; I will make it a lamp unto my feet and a light unto my path; I will hide its words in my heart that I might not sin against God.” Students are required to stand for the flag salute and show respect. 
Parent Forum 
Each quarter, parents have an opportunity to attend a parent forum with the administration of the school to ask questions, ask concerns, discuss ways to improve our school.  This is a time for constructive criticism.  New Heights Christian Academy values the input of its parents.  
Parent Club 
The Parent Club is designed to “Partner with New Heights Christian Academy to promote a positive and supportive environment through prayer, communication, and active involvement.” 
 1.   If you are a parent or guardian, then you are already a member. 
 2.   Parent club helps with the annual carnival, teacher appreciation activities, fundraising for school needs, the Uniform Exchange Program, and more!
Field Trips 
Field trips within our city and to nearby points of interest are scheduled by various classroom teachers throughout the school year. These trips are designed to supplement different aspects of the classroom curriculum and to introduce students to the resources of the community. Parents will receive notices of field trips well in advance of the scheduled trip date and will be asked to sign field trip permission forms. Sometimes a donation may be requested from each student to help defray transportation or admission costs. If a bus is not available or too expensive, parents will be asked to drive on field trips.  A special volunteer form is filled out at the beginning of each school year to drive on field trips. Please fill out this form if you think you might be able to drive at any time during the year and include a copy of your insurance policy and driver’s license. A list of approved drivers will be furnished to each teacher. It is a privilege to attend field trips. If a student’s behavior does not warrant the privilege, he/she will not be allowed to attend a field trip, or any special event.  Field Trip Driver/Chaperones will be provided with directions and information regarding the scheduled field trip from the classroom teacher. Drivers are not allowed to make extra stops (i.e. 7-11, fast food restaurants, etc.). We ask that drivers/chaperones refrain from purchasing items for the children that they are supervising. This is not fair to the other children. If drivers cannot follow the above requests, they will be asked to not participate in future field trips.  
Volunteers in the Classroom: 
All classrooms need parent volunteers. Help is needed in driving on field trips, helping with projects, correcting papers, organizing parties, classroom gardens, etc. Elementary grades need tutors and sometimes just another helping hand. All volunteers that help on a regularly scheduled basis will need to have verification of a negative Tuberculosis certificate. Please sign in on the volunteer form in the office and receive a visitor’s badge each time you come. You will also need to sign out when you leave.  
Ways to Get Involved at New Heights Christian Academy       
Sign up to help in the classroom         
Classroom parties or special events         
Work with small group        
Collect Box Tops and turn them into the school office        
Sign up to drive on field trips         
Volunteer to supervise students on the yard at lunchtime         
Volunteer to help with school sponsored events          
Make donations to support programs         
Support our healthy school wellness policy        
Read school information that is sent home!
Student Directory  
At the beginning of each school year a student directory is published to encourage the use of “study buddies”. This helps students remind each other of homework or to study together. If an assignment is forgotten at school, a child in the class can be called to get it. Students must have parent permission to call numbers from the student directory.  Participation will be by signed parent permission only (a note will be sent home first week of school).   
Health and Safety Policies
Medical Note 
California law requires that no child shall be admitted to any public, private, or parochial school, grades kindergarten twelve (K-12), or any child development program under the control of the Department of Education without first presenting a Certificate of Immunization. For the welfare of your child and others in the school, all children who are sick must be kept at home. 
 Ill Children
Please keep children home when they are ill.  If your child has any of these symptoms, please keep him/her home, or make appropriate child care arrangements.
1.   APPEARANCE,BEHAVIOR – unusually tired, pale, lack of appetite, difficult to wake,
confused, or irritable. This is sufficient reason to exclude a child from school. 
2.   COUGHING,CHRONIC COUGH – If persistent and accompanied by other symptoms such as fever, loss of appetite, and rapid, noisy, obstructive breathing, contact your health care provider. 
3.   EAR INFECTIONS WITHOUT FEVER– do not need to be excluded, but the child needs to get medical treatment and follow-up. Untreated ear infections can cause permanent
hearing loss.
4.   EYES– appear red and irritated, thick mucus or pus draining from the eye. Contact your health care provider for possible conjunctivitis (pink eye) and treatment. 
5.   DIARRHEA– 3 or more watery stools in a 24 hour period. Keep your child home until
symptoms subside. Contact your health care provider if symptoms persist. 
6.   FEVER – temperature of 100 degrees Fahrenheit or higher. To allow him/her to fully
recover and to guard against a relapse of the illness, your child must be fever free for a
full 24 hours to return. 
7.   GREENISH NOSE DISCHARGE – should be seen by a health care provider. This condition may be contagious and require treatment. 
8.   IMPETIGO– a bacterial skin eruption beginning with a small blister and later may contain pus and become scabbed. The secretions from the sores, which are frequently found around the nose and mouth, are very contagious. Contact your health care provider. 
9.   LICE,SCABIES – may return to school when free of lice and nits (eggs). Children with
scabies can be admitted after treatment. 
10. RASH– body rash, especially with fever or itching. Heat rashes and allergic reactions are not contagious. Please contact your health care provider for evaluation to determine if infectious. 
11. SORE THROAT – especially with fever or swollen glands in the neck. 
12. VOMITING– within the past 24hours.  
Bringing a child to school with any of the above symptoms puts other children and staff at risk of getting sick. If all parents keep their sick children at home, we will have stronger, healthier, and happier children.· While we regret any inconvenience this may cause, in the long run this means fewer lost work days and less illness for parents too.  
When at all possible, we encourage parents to schedule his student’s medication so that it may be given at home under his direct supervision. However, we realize that this is not always possible. Prescription medicine is given at parental request if it is in a prescription bottle with a prescription label accompanied by a specific time for administration. Over-the-counter medication is given at parental request if it is in a sealed container and accompanied by the name of the medication and a specific time for administration. All such requests must be made in writing, signed by a parent. All medications will be kept locked in a filing cabinet within the administration area. No student will be allowed to take any medication on his own while at school.  Students may not have on their person any prescription or over the counter medicines (cough drops, aspirin, Visine, etc.).  
Emergency Drills:
Drills covering fire, earthquake, and disaster are scheduled on a monthly basis. 
Emergency Procedures: 
In case of an emergency it may be necessary to evacuate the school. Students and parents will be requested to follow the guidelines listed. If the school is evacuated parents will be notified as soon as possible (as soon as it is safe to do so). If you receive information giving you an option to pick up your student, please note the location for the pickup. Always bring identification with you and be prepared for a short wait.
WE WILL ONLY RELEASE STUDENTS TO THEIR PARENTS or those listed on their emergency procedure card. If you pick up your student, please keep them at home until the situation at the school is over. Please do not drive around the school during the evacuation time.  
Emergency School Closure: 
An emergency could occur that would warrant an emergency school closure (outside of regular hours) or dismissal (during school hours).
A news bulletin will be broadcast on the following media stations: ·        
Television: KFSN and Channel 30 ·       
Radio: KMJ and 580AM ·        
Emergency Evacuation Location:            (to be announced) 
Students will be released only to parents and/or adults listed on the emergency cards.

Drop-off and Pick-up Area: If you are dropping off or picking up your student/s (not getting out of your car) please pull into the parking lot and make an immediate right into the front parking lot.  Drive to the end of the parking area and turn left toward the building, then left again and drive to the end of the building.  If you are parking, please use spaces in the front two parking lots.  Do not drive past the cones.  This is a “student safety zone.”  You may also park on the street and walk onto the campus.
Unauthorized Visitors
Unauthorized visitors are not permitted.
All visitors must check in at the school office including parents and volunteers.   

General Policies
HOURS Before School Daycare – 6:30 – 7:45 am School Hours – 8:00 am -3:00 pm (students may be dropped off at 7:45 am and picked up by 3:15 pm)After School Daycare:  3:15 – 6:00 pm 
Student Addresses and Information
It is extremely important that every student maintain an up-to-date address and working telephone number on their emergency form. Notify the school immediately if you have a change of address or telephone number during the school year. 
Parent/Teacher Conferences:  
Conferences to discuss the student’s progress and needs are scheduled during the first and third quarters of the school year.  Parents are always welcome to ask for extra conferences. We do ask, however, that parents call, email, or send a written request for a conference with the teacher before coming. Teachers are on campus until 3:30 p.m. on school days (with the exception of staff meeting days) and are willing to work with parents in scheduling conferences at mutually convenient times. If parents have questions or concerns about a teacher or a student’s homework, grade, or conduct, please arrange to speak with the teacher before coming to the administration. As a general rule, the administration will require this before taking action. 
Orientation and Back to School: 
Prior to the beginning of the school year, families are welcome to visit their classrooms and meet their teachers for Orientation and Open House.  An additional Open House will be held in the spring the same night as pre-registration.  
Students in 4 – 8 grades are permitted to ride bicycles to school.  All bicycles must be locked while on the school grounds. Students MUST wear a helmet. Bicycles are not to be ridden on the school grounds or walkways. Students should dismount before entering school property and walk their bikes to and from the bike parkingarea. Skates, skateboards, metal scooters, Heally-type shoes, etc need to remain at home. These items are not to be permitted on the school/church grounds at ANY time.
Visitors on Campus:  
For the protection of the students and security in the school, it is required that any person entering the building or school grounds during the school day come directly to the office before going to any other part of the school. Including off-season coaching staff.All visitors to the campus must sign in at the school office stating their name, date, time, and purpose for being on campus. If remaining on campus for any length of time, or visiting classrooms, a visitor’s badge will be issued. This includes parents, alumni, and students.Students are encouraged to bring friends who are interested in our school.  Prior arrangement must be made and approved by administration. Visitors must observe the same clothing and behavior standards as established for enrolled students.
 1.   Upon arrival to the campus, all visitors are to check in at the school office to register.
 2.   Adults will be directed to the person or department that can best handle their questions or needs. 
 3.   Adults, former students, older students, or any other person providing transportation for a New Heights Christian Academy student will be allowed in to the parking lot for drop off or pick up of the New Heights Christian Academy student. 
 4.   Drivers are not to loiter in the parking lot or engage in social interaction with other New Heights Christian Academy students.  If the driver needs to remain for extended times or has business at the school, he/she must register with the office.
A volunteer sign-in sheet is provided in the office and a visitor’s badge will be issued.
Regularly scheduled classroom volunteers will need to be screened. See the office for the necessary forms.
No students will be permitted to leave the building with a visitor unless this has been done through the school office.
Because of the distractions and interruptions to classroom programs, students may not invite friends to visit school unless they are a prospective student. The school cannot be responsible for children who are not regularly enrolled. For this reason, little brothers and sisters or other children who might be visiting in your home are not permitted to spend the day at school. Likewise, they are not allowed to attend class field trips when the parent is chaperoning. 
 Messages During School Hours: 
If you should find it necessary to bring an article to school for your child, or give him/her a message during class time, please leave the article or message at the office. Classes will be interrupted for the delivery of messages to students only if there is a true emergency. Every effort will be made to deliver the item or message to the student at the next break.  
New Heights Christian Academy uses fundraisers for two primary purposes. School-wide fundraisers are used to supplement tuition income to provide services not included in the annual budget or in need of additional funding. Individual classes may also use fundraisers to raise monies for their trips and activities. Your support of and involvement in these fundraisers is greatly appreciated. All fundraisers must be approved by the administration. 
Hall Passes: 
All students must have a hall pass to be outside of the classroom during class for any reason. 
All textbooks will be covered by the second week of school.  Do not write in these books as they remain property of the school.  “Consumable” materials (i.e. workbooks) may be  excluded from being covered at teacher’s direction.  Students are responsible for any lost or damaged textbooks. 
Telephone Use:
If a student must make a phone call in the office they may do so only before school, during breaks/lunch, or after school), except for an illness, or an emergency.  In order to use the phone, they must go to the office, let the office support staff know who is to be called and the message.  The office support staff will place the call for the student.  Students will not be allowed to make personal calls.  Cell phones are not be used during class time. (See Cell Phone Policy).

Lost and Found: 
All articles found on the school grounds should be turned into the “lost and Found” located in the school office.  Unclaimed items will be
discarded weekly.  Uniforms will be donated to the Uniform exchange. Other items will be donated to Good Will. 
Birthday Celebrations: 
Please be considerate of the feelings of others. Mail party invitations directly to the students invited.  Do not send them to school with your child to hand out in class, on the playground, or in the parking lot. Birthday treats are welcome. Please make arrangements with your classroom teacher at least 3 days in advance.   
Healthy Snacks: 
At New Heights Christian Academy, students K-8th have a break within their class day that will allow them time to eat a snack.  However, it is expected that all snacks are healthy.  Some examples of “healthy snacks” include: • Fresh fruit • Yogurt/ Frozen Yogurt • Vegetable sticks • String cheese • Pretzels • Graham crackers • Air-popped popcorn- no butter (already popped) 
Promotional Release: 
It is understood that your student is being enrolled at New Heights Christian Academy and  that you consent to the use of any video footage, photographs, slides, audiotapes, website, or any other visual or audio reproduction in which your child may appear These materials may be used for promotion of New Heights Christian School, which includes recruitment and fund-raising efforts.New Heights Christian Academy is released from any liability connected with the use of any picture or voice recording as part of any promotional, recruitment, or fundraising program. 
No one should bring valuables to school, wear valuable jewelry, or carry large amounts of money on campus. The school will not be responsible for lost or stolen items.
New Heights Christian Academy reserves the right to make additions, changes, or deletions to school policies at the sole discretion of the administration team and advisory committee. 
Student/Parent Agreement Clause:  
It is the policy of New Heights Christian Academy that each student and parent read carefully and sign the statement of cooperation before enrollment process for the school year is complete. By signing this statement, full cooperation with the rules and regulations of the school is expected.
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